Foundations of Desktop Operating Systems

Study level: Undergraduate
Course Code: CY-CR-101
Credit Points: 3
Delivery: Hybird


This subject offers a comprehensive study of desktop operating systems, encompassing essential concepts and practical applications. Students will develop advanced skills in managing and troubleshooting operating systems, preparing them for real-world scenarios. The course emphasizes hands-on learning and practical exercises to enhance their understanding of desktop operating systems.


  • Introduction to Operating System Fundamentals: Functions and purpose of operating systems, process management, memory management, and device management.
  • Hardware Virtualization: Concepts and benefits of hardware virtualization, installation, and setup of virtualization software, features of virtual machines.
  • Managing Users and Groups: Creating and managing user accounts, configuring user groups and permissions, implementing password security policies.
  • File Systems: Understanding different file systems, file organization, storage management, and file access methods.
  • File System Permissions: Exploring file system permissions, controlling file and folder access.
  • Connecting to a Remote Computer: Remote computer access and management.
  • Managing Computer: Configuration and management of computer settings.
  • System Recovery: Techniques for system recovery and restoration.

Learning outcomes   

  • Understand the fundamental functions of an operating system.
  • Manage user accounts and groups effectively.
  • Comprehend different file systems and their characteristics.
  • Implement file system permissions to control access to files and folders.
  • Connect to remote computers and manage them remotely.
  • Configure and secure a computer using various management tools.
  • Perform system recovery techniques in case of failures.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in using virtualization software and understanding virtual machine features.
  • Explore additional operating systems, such as Ubuntu, and their unique features.
  • Apply acquired knowledge and skills to troubleshoot operating system-related issues.

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