Cyber Security Bachelor’s Degree Admmission


There are intakes bimonthly for a bachelor’s degree in every academic year. In order to be considered as eligible, all the entry requirements must be completed no later than one week before the starting date.

University Entry Requirements for a Degree Program   

  • Laptop with a minimum 16GB of RAM
  • Filling the online application form
  • Secondary school certificate*
  • Identity Card or Passport*
  • Recent photos Passport size*

*Scan the above documents and send to

Click here to fill the application ( Registration Form)

Tuition Fee Per Semester


Bank Accounts :

Amal Bank AccNo: 1013387717

Academic Year

NGU is implementing a trimester system, which divides the academic year into three terms of 15 weeks each, with attendance required in two trimesters per year, and it is optional for the student to take three semesters in one academic year. The trimester allows the student to complete the degree program in two years and enter the job market faster.